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HEXA TALK 六合说 X SLT|Chapter 3. She Loves Tech 她爱科技 全球创业大赛澳洲区活动信息发布会

Join us for the much-anticipated third chapter in our series, "Hexa Talk x She Loves Tech: Unearthing Untapped Tech Opportunities."

8th Sep 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Hexa Space Level 4/830 Whitehorse Road Box Hill

Hexa Talk Chapter 3 x SLT Launch Event

Venture with us into the depths of technological landscapes yet to be fully navigated by the masses, unveiling sectors rife with potential.


Hexa Talk x SLT takes center stage at Hexa Space, aiming its lens on those technological arenas which, though underrepresented, bristle with opportunities that can reward investors manifold. This event promises a deep dive into these “hidden gems” of technology and seeks to decode why they bear the promise of unparalleled returns for risk-takers.


Distinguished experts will elucidate:

  1. The Global Paradigm: Strategies for identifying and assessing global opportunities, particularly in burgeoning markets. A futuristic gaze into post-pandemic industry acceleration, anticipated technological trends, and a deep dive into the evolving landscape of VC dynamics both in Australia and worldwide.
  2. Startup Stories: Analytical breakdown of what steered certain startups towards success and what spelled doom for others. Delving into the allure of female entrepreneurs in the VC space (as highlighted by She Loves Tech Launch) and shedding light on the art and craft of becoming a sterling angel investor.
  3. Diversity in VC: An exploration into the creation of diverse investment portfolios and how diversity can be the cornerstone of rewarding investment returns.
  4. Technology-Driven Opportunities: The bleeding edge of tech including, but not limited to, Web3, AI, biotechnology, and sustainable energy solutions.


Our main highlight will feature CONNIE REN, a charismatic personality balancing her roles as a mother to three, a community influencer, and an investor associated with a plethora of Venture Funds in Australia. Drawing from her vast experience, Connie will underscore the nuances of investing in the tech domain, especially from the lens of women entrepreneurs.


SLT Timeline Schedule

  • 18/08/23: Hexa Talk x SLT Launch Event
  • 21/08/23 – 04/09/23: Technology’s Rising Stars: An Insightful Talk by Connie Ren
  • 08/09/23: Deadline for Registrations
  • 18/09/23: Unveiling of the Contenders
  • 21/09/23: Bespoke Mentorship Dialogues
  • 10/05/2023 (TBC): She Loves Tech Australia Grand Face-off
  • 26/10/23-27/10/23: She Loves Tech Worldwide Grand Finale


Converge at Hexa Space to be a part of this transformative dialogue, anchoring the discussions on the vanguard of technological innovation. Propel forward with insights that will redefine your perspectives on tech investments.

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